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Matylda : A Journey into the World of Violet Beauregarde

Greetings, fellow dreamers and chocolate aficionados! Matylda here, thrilled to take you on a journey behind the scenes of our production of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." As I step into the sassy and competitive shoes of Violet Beauregarde, I'm excited to share some insights into my experience and the magic of this beloved story.


From the moment I first encountered "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," Violet Beauregarde captured my imagination. With her competitive spirit and love for chewing gum, she quickly became my favourite character in the story. Playing her on stage is an absolute thrill – a chance to embody her sassiness and bring her larger-than-life personality to life.

Now, let's talk accents. Mastering an American accent wasn't easy, but I was determined to get it just right. I watched the movies, listened to the show's soundtrack on repeat, and practiced tirelessly until I felt confident in my portrayal. And let me tell you, it's been incredibly rewarding to see how far I've come.


One of the highlights of being a part of this production is the opportunity to bring iconic scenes to life. For me, the moment after "Pure Imagination," when we first step into the factory, is truly magical. The awe and wonder on stage are palpable, and I can't wait to see the audience's reactions to the spectacle before them.

As for my favourite treat, Cadbury Caramilk holds a special place in my heart. And while I love Willy Wonka's innovative ideas – like a chewing gum that includes a full meal – I'll make sure nobody turns into a blueberry as a result! 😉

Now, let's talk rivalries. My favourite moment in the story? When the squirrels tear Veruca Salt apart! As enemies on stage, it's satisfying to see her get a taste of her own medicine.

Speaking of characters, I adore Violet for her sassiness and competitive nature. But I can't help but love Willy Wonka too – he's just so wonderfully strange! To prepare for the role, I listen to the music, stretch to perfect my dance moves, and even talk to people using Violet's accent for a bit of fun.

And speaking of music, "The Queen of Pop" is without a doubt my favourite song. Its catchy melody and energetic rhythm never fail to get me pumped up for each performance.

As for my involvement with CAODS, this is actually my first time – but it certainly won't be my last! I'm loving every moment of this crazy, hectic, and fun experience, and I can't wait to be a part of future productions.

In my spare time, you'll often find me playing netball or embracing my Polish heritage. But when it comes to "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," it's all about the magic of the stage – with its amazing songs, fantastic choreography, brilliant costumes, and fun for the whole family.

So there you have it, folks – a glimpse into my world as Violet Beauregarde. Join us as we embark on this sweet and spectacular adventure, filled with laughter, wonder, and plenty of chocolate! See you at the factory! 🍫✨


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