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Charlie rehearsals experience

Here’s my blog post which is on the rehearsals which I saw for the CAODS production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the Musical.

I watched the rehearsals at the St Peter & St Paul Catholic Voluntary Academy in Lincoln on Sunday 21st April.

They went well as I watched the cast rehearsing the whole of Act 1 and some of Act 2 but before that they did dance and vocal warmups.

Before that some of the cast tried on some of the costumes which was interesting.

This production that CAODS are doing of Charlie is based on the Broadway production, but it features kids who play the five Golden Ticket winners in the cast.

The cast are all good especially my friends Billy Baxter as Willy Wonka, Marthyn as Mr Salt and Ash Betts as Mike Teavee who are all brilliant.

It features the classic songs The Candy Man, I’ve Got a Golden Ticket and Pure Imagination from the original 1971 film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

I liked some of the music and songs that are added to the musical like the Overture, Willy Wonka! Willy Wonka, Charlie You and I, A Letter from Charlie Bucket, If Your Father Were Here, It Must Be Believed to Be Seen, the Entr’Acte, You Got Whacha Want and The View from Here.


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