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Henry: Dancing Through the Sweet World of Theatre

Hey everyone! Henry here, and I'm thrilled to share my journey as a dancer in our production of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." At just 13 years old, I've had the incredible opportunity to be part of this magical show and let me tell you – it's been an adventure like no other!


One of my absolute favourite scenes in the show is "Queen of Pop." The choreography is absolutely electrifying, and it's so much fun to dance! There's this incredible energy that fills the stage, and I just love getting lost in the rhythm and movement of the dance. It's a scene that never fails to leave me feeling exhilarated.


Now, let's talk chocolate – the ultimate indulgence! For me, nothing beats a bag of Galaxy Minstrels. There's something so satisfying about that combination of smooth chocolate and crunchy shell – it's pure bliss in every bite!


When it comes to characters, Mr. Salt has to be my favourite. He's portrayed brilliantly by Martyn, and I love how he's always chasing after his daughters' every need. There's just something so entertaining about his over-the-top antics, and Martyn brings him to life in such a hilarious way.


Last year, I had the pleasure of being involved in "School of Rock" – another fantastic production that holds a special place in my heart. It was an experience I'll never forget, and it only fuelled my passion for performing even further.


Being part of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" has been an absolute dream come true. From the energetic dancing to the stunning costumes, every aspect of the production has been a labour of love. It's incredible to see how much effort and dedication each and every member of the cast has put into bringing this show to life.


To anyone thinking about coming to see the show, let me tell you – you won't be disappointed! It's a spectacle like no other, filled with laughter, music, and plenty of sweet surprises. So come join us on this magical journey into the world of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory – I promise you won't regret it!


Thanks for tuning in to my blog post, everyone. Until next time, keep dancing and indulging in life's little pleasures – just like we do on stage every night! 🍫✨

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