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Updated: Apr 12


As this is my first blog post I thought I’d better introduce myself. My name is William Fairchild

I’m currently living in Gainsborough with my mum and dad. I am now 27 and finished at college in July 2022.

Frankly, I am nuts about the theatre, especially musical theatre, and my ambition is to get a job somewhere, hopefully working in a theatre. This year, I have applied for front of house jobs, and been very disappointed with replies.

For the last couple of years, I have helped CAODS working front of house during their productions of Sweeney Todd in November 2022, School of Rock in May, and Elf in November 2023. When “Big Boss” Eira Hammond, realised I was upset about the job situation, she suggested that I might use my enthusiasm and knowledge about shows and the history of theatre, to write a short blog for the new CAODS website.

This year is CAODS 75th Anniversary and we have two fantastic, exciting shows coming up, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in May and Sunset Boulevard in November.

I am mad about musical theatre especially in London, on UK Tours and local productions, and visit as many shows as my Mum and Dad can face!

I will tell you all about my trips, and my favourite shows soon…

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22 комментария

Joyce Cross
Joyce Cross
08 мар.

Looking forward to reading your blogs!


Well done William. I look forward to reading your thoughts on future shows.


What a great idea, we all love reading your posts on MTAS, so more William is great🙂 Sunset Boulevard sounds exciting, haven’t seen it for years but love the score.


Looking forward to hearing about your experiences


Looking forward to reading more of your blogs. You are doing well congratulations.

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